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Journal of ICT Standardization

Editor-in-Chief: Anand R. Prasad, Rakuten Mobile Inc, Japan

Associate Editor: Sivabalan Arumugam, Rakuten Mobile Inc, Japan

ISSN: 2245-800X (Print Version),

ISSN: 2246-0853 (Online Version)
Vol: 1   Issue: 1

Published In:   July 2013

Publication Frequency: Triannual

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Editor-in-chief: Anand R. Prasad, NEC Corporation, Japan

Thank you for taking interest in reading this first issue of the Journal for ICT Standardization. There is a huge gap in literature regarding material on standardization. So as to fill the gap, this Journal for ICT Standardization aims to publish standardized as well as related work making "standards" accessible to a wide public from practitioners to newcomers and publish in-depth as well asoverview work including papers discussing standardization process and those helping newcomers to understand how standards work. With the scope to bring up-to-date information regarding standardization in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) covering all protocol layers and technologies in the field.

Today the importance of standardization should be visible to everyone due to the penetration of mobile communications, usage WiFi or otherwise other technologies like personal computers and even electricity. Standardization makes it possible for us to communicate and devices to interoperate while reducing cost and giving choice to the customer. This all also leads to economic growth and thus overall enhancement of the society. For companies making products or providing services, standardization makes their products or services usable globally thus giving possibility to enter market worldwide. With such impact of standards or standardization on human society it is essential for people to understand standards and all aspects related to it.

The objective of this journal is (1) to bring papers on de-jure as well as defacto standards to the readers, (2) to cover pre-development, including technologies with potential of becoming a standard, as well asdeveloped or deployed standards, (3) to publish on-going work with potential of becoming a standard technology, (4) to publish papers giving explanation of standardization process and (5) to publish tutorial type papers giving new comers a understanding of standardization.

With the above objective in mind, in this first issue of the journal we bring 6 papers on standardization covering several different aspects. The first paper titled "An introduction to formal standardization and the work on ICT standardization in ISO/IEC - JTC1", by Niels Madelung and Katrine Bergh Andersen, gives an introduction to formal standardization and an overview of international standardization activities in the field of ICT. Second paper, by Robert van Wessel and Henk J. de Vries, discusses business aspects of standardization in a paper titled "Business impacts of international standards for information security management. Lessons from casecompanies". Followed by a third paper covering Macedonian standardization in "ICT Standards in South Eastern Europe (SEE) Education: Macedonian Case", authored by Liljana Gavrilovska and Vladimir Atanasovski, and fourth one on standardization and education in the paper titled "Global Standardization Education Program collaborated by Osaka Univ. and MJIIT, UTM" authored by Hiroshi Nakanishi, Rozhan Othman, Kunio Igusa, and Shozo Komaki. The final two papers discuss technical aspects regarding IEEE 802.11 "IEEE 802.11ah: A Long Range 802.11 WLAN at Sub 1 GHz", authored byWeiping Sun, Munhwan Choi, and Sunghyun Choi, and prevention of unsolicited communication in "Towards Standardized Prevention of Unsolicited Communications and Phishing Attacks", authored by JaeSeung Song and Andreas Kunz.

We sincerely thank the advisors of the journal and editorial board for their support. We would also like to thank the authors in trusting us with their work and River Publishers team for making this journal happen.

River Publishers: Journal of ICT Standardization