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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Editor-in-Chief: Kuinam J. Kim, Kyonggi University, South Korea

ISSN: 2446-1822 (Online Version)
Vol: 2017   Issue: 1

Published In:   January 2017

Publication Frequency: Continuous Article Publication

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A Comparative Study of Different Automated Teller Machine and Its Effectiveness Based on Customer’s Satisfaction

doi: 10.13052/jiems2446-1822.2017.004
Marianne B. Calayag, PIE, Donna Maryeliz M. Regala, Camile Jocelle R. Rivera and Danielle Mikee N. Tancio

College of Engineering, Bulacan State University, Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

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Abstract: Research on human-computer interaction started in the year 1960s. It was supported by different fields such as anthropology, cognitive psychology, cognitive science, experimental psychology, ergonomics and human factors. Even though there are almost, millions of automatic teller machines available in the world, users of the machine still have usability problems including inappropriate user – ATM interaction, display problems and others. The study aims to conduct a comparative study between five different automated teller machines; Landbank of the Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Chinabank, Robinson’s Bank and Banco de Oro, which are all located within the vicinity of Bulacan State University which also includes Graceland Mall in the City of Malolos. The study also aims to determine which factors have the significant effect on the interaction between humans and ATMs, and to evaluate the usability of the said ATMs and its effectiveness to users. The researchers conducted the study from the month of August up to the month of September of the current year. Survey, Queueing process and time experiment was used to support the study. The aspects look into are the visibility of the systems status and feedback on the user, meaningful labels and descriptive

Keywords: links, match between the system and the real world, user control and freedom, consistency, error prevention, learnability and memorability, flexibility and efficiency of use, aesthetics and satisfaction. Only those who have completely accomplished all the questions were considered in the study. The goal of the study is to establish an ergonomically designedATMinterface that will suffice users’ needs as well as is suitable for its intended task.

Analysis of Vehicle Crash Injury-Severity in a Superhighway: A Markovian Approach

doi: 10.13052/jiems2446-1822.2017.003
John Carlo F. Marquez, Darwin Joseph B. Ronquillo, Noime B. Fernandez and Venusmar C. Quevedo

Industrial Engineering Department Adamson University, Manila, Philippines 1000

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Abstract: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic accidents is one of the top causes of death worldwide that claims roughly 1.3 million lives annually. In the Philippines, the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) data showed that there were 15,572 road accidents nationwide for the whole of 2014, with 1,252 persons killed and 9,347 others injured. A comprehensive study was conducted which aims to determine which road traffic accident factors are significant with the severity of road traffic accidents, determine which factors are significant per level of severity, and determine the human factors associated in the occurrence of road traffic accidents that are significant with the levels of severity. Markov Chain Switching Approach enables to determine the probability of occurrence of road traffic accidents and the significant factors that affects the severity of a road traffic accident since it takes into consideration the heterogeneity of the variables and the different time-varying and time-dependent constraints which are not considered by other regression techniques used in road traffic accidents severity literature.

Keywords: Markov Chain Switching Model, Road Traffic Accidents, Injury Severity, Commonwealth Avenue.

Application of Conjoint Analysis in Establishing Aviation Fuel Attributes for Air Travel Industries

doi: 10.13052/jiems2446-1822.2017.002
Karla Ishra S. Bassig, Hazeline A. Silverio and Venusmar C. Quevedo

Industrial Engineering Department, Adamson University, Manila, Philippines 1000

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Abstract: With oil being a non-renewable energy, buyers of aviation fuel are more inclined to purchase Jet-A1 from oil companies that offer the best jet fuel.Aviation fuel has the same content even when purchased halfway across the world. Although price is an apparent factor that airlines consider when deciding which oil company to choose for as a supplier, there are ambiguous factors that need to be established so that continuous product development can be made by the aviation fuel organizations. This study used conjoint analysis as a tool to establish the attributes considered by airlines in deciding which oil company best meet their needs. As a result, the following six attributes of aviation fuel were identified: availability, price, accessibility, manpower, equipment and facilities and fuel quality and safety. The results indicate that fuel quality has the greatest influence on the respondents’ purchasing intentions, followed by price, availability, equipment and facilities, and accessibility. Manpower was the least important attribute with regard to the airlines’ buying intention.

Keywords: Conjoint analysis,Aviation fuel, Purchasing intention, Consumer preference, Part-worth.

e-CALLISTO Network System and the Observation of Structure of Solar Radio Burst Type III

doi: 10.13052/jiems2446-1822.2017.001
M. O. Ali1, Z. S. Hamidi1, N. N. M. Shariff2, M. S. Faid3, S. N. U. Sabri4, Nurulhazwani Husien4, N. H. Zainol4 and C. Monstein5

1Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia
2Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia
3Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies, MARA Technology University, Selangor, Malaysia
4Faculty of Applied Sciences, MARA Technology University, Selangor, Malaysia
5Insitute of Astronomy, Wolfgang-Pauli-Str, 27 8093 Zürich, Switzerland

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Abstract: This paper highlighted on the unique occurrence of the Solar Radio Burst Type III (SRBT III) during the high activities of the Sun. e-CALLISTO network is the system that responsible for the observation of the Sun 24 hours per day, which is a program under IHY/UNBSSI and ISWI instrument deployment program. The data was taken from one of the part of e-CALLISTO network which is Bleien, Switzerland. The event that had been selected was on 27th August 2015 since there was two subtypes of SRBT III can be obviously observed during the day within 12:00 UT till 12:05 UT. The current condition of solar wind speed is 348 km/s with density 8.4 protons/cm3. Besides the magnetic flux also quite high which is 13.4 nT. Regarding the detection of SRBTIII, the x-ray flux data from Solar Monitor shows there is strong class mflare also occur. The strong flare is also believed to have high temperature due to the high magnetic field. A geo-effective explosion was occur even though the sunspot no longer directly facing on the earth. The active region AR2403 was predicted can potentially cause radio blackout and radiation storm as long as the sunspot remains visible.

Keywords: CALLISTO network system, Solar Radio Burst, Solar Flare.

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