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Journal of Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology

Editor-in-Chief: Peter Lindgren, Aarhus University, Denmark

ISSN: 2245-456X (Print Version),

ISSN: 2245-8832 (Online Version)
Vol: 4   Issue: 1

Published In:   January 2016

Publication Frequency: Triannual

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Business Modelling as aWay Forward for Strategic Management Processes - A Case Study of SME’s

Anders Bille Jensen

University of Southern Denmark, Department of Marketing & Management, Sdr. Stationsvej 28, 4200 Slagelse, Denmark

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Abstract: This comparative case study contributes to understanding the process of business modelling in small and medium sized companies. The study analyses and discusses how three companies applied a general business model framework for explicating and modelling their businesses. The study is based on data collected during a “live” business modelling process in existing firms. This addresses a general and combined gap in the literature on application of artefacts in business modelling, on insights in strategy processes, and on the role of actors. It is argued that business models may be linked to three distinctively different roles in strategizing; 1) for development, 2) for innovative or 3) for alignment purposes. These different roles have implications for the relation to the logic of the business model as well as the process. From a practical perspective a bold proposition could be that continuous and agile modelling within a scalable business model conceptualization can enable consolidation and accumulation of learning which can lead to stronger strategic leadership than traditional and formal processes. Such modelling processes may suit particularly well as a way forward for small and medium sized companies.

Keywords: Business model, management, strategic management, strategizing, organization, decision making, organizational learning.

Exploring the Concept and Incentives of Sustainable Business Models

Annabeth Aagaard and Peter Lindgren

Aarhus University, Department of Business Development & Technology Birk Centerpark 15, 7400 Herning, Denmark

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Abstract: The terminology and concept related to sustainable business models (SBM) has received increasing attention over the last decade, as the “ era”, sustainable innovation and open innovation concepts have become more popular and of growing global relevance. However, studying SBMs does present certain challenges due to lack of clear definitions and empirical studies. The objective of this study is to present and discuss different approaches towards mapping and understanding SBMs and the incentive models behind. Thus a key contribution of this paper is an exploration of the concept and the incentives of SBM to provide new angles to SBM research.

Keywords: Sustainable and non-sustainable business models, open business models, closed business models.

Service and Data Driven Multi Business Model Platform in aWorld of Persuasive Technologies

Troels Christian Korsgaard Andersen and Torben Cæsar Bisgaard Bjerrum

Aarhus University, Department of Business Development & Technology Birk Center Park 15, 7400 Herning, Denmark

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Abstract: This article provides a new contribution to the concept of business models with the focus on the emerging gap between the usage of data, service and business models by suggesting a framework that function as a service and data driven business model platform. The purpose is to support manufacturing companies in establishing a service organization that delivers, creates and captures value through service and data driven business models by utilizing their network, resources and customers and/or users. Furthermore, based on literature and collaboration with the case company, the suggestion of a new framework provides the necessary construction of how the manufacturing companies can evolve their current business to provide multi service and data driven business models, using the same resources, networks and customers.

Keywords: Multi business model innovation, service and data driven business models, Persuasive business models.

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