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Journal of Mobile Multimedia

Editor-in-Chief: Pavlos Lazaridis, University of Huddersfield, UK

Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

ISSN: 1550-4646 (Print Version),

ISSN: 1550-4654 (Online Version)
Vol: 13   Issue: Combined Issue 3 & 4

Published In:   December 2017

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

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Mobile Multimedia has become an integral part of our lives. A vast variety of mobile multimedia services like mobile Internet, social media and networks, mobile commerce and transactions, mobile video conferencing, video and audio streaming, mobile gaming, interactive virtual and augmented reality, smart city, and Internet of Things, has already shaped the expectations towards mobile devices, infrastructure, applications and services, and international standards. Further open technological challenges remain, from limited battery life to limited spectrum accommodating heterogeneous data, increases in quality of service, user experience, context-aware adaptation to the environment, or the ever-present security and privacy issues.

When autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and robots bring artificial intelligence to our daily life, Communication/Navigation and Sensing for Services (CONASENSE) together with machine learning, big data analysis, sensor networks and information fusion, context-aware and location aware intelligence, and multi-agent systems shall rapidly elevate technological horizon and enrich mobile multimedia from 5G to ever growing wireless networking and mobile computing.

The Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM) aims to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas and information by researchers, students, and professionals on the issues and challenges brought by the emerging networking and computing technologies for mobile applications and services, and the control and management of such networks to enable multimedia services and intelligent mobile computing applications.

The journal is devoted to the publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and practical applications related to mobile multimedia. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews and surveys, and technical notes are invited for publications. While JMM covers a broad range of topics, we are soliciting papers that provide a perspective on all aspects of mobile networking and computing, including, but not be limited to

  • Mobile network traffic engineering, performance, and optimization
  • Mobility management and radio resource management
  • Cellular systems and networks
  • WiFi, short range radio communications, low-power communications
  • Multiple access communications and air-interface technologies
  • Spectral- and Energy-efficient mobile communication networks
  • Cognitive mobile networks
  • Location based technologies and services
  • Ultra-reliable and ultra-low latency communications
  • Machine-to-machine communications and robotic communication
  • Sensor and ad hoc networks
  • Vehicular networks for smart vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Big data analytics for mobile or vehicular networks
  • Artificial intelligence at terminals
  • Edge computing and intelligence
  • Machine learning for mobile computing and networking
  • Hardware and software implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning involving mobile agents
  • Deep learning techniques related to mobile scenarios, vision and speech control
  • Distributed systems aspects of mobile computing
  • Localization and tracking
  • Consensus and network synchronization
  • Multi-modal data fusion and information fusion
  • Computer vision and pattern recognition for autonomous vehicles and robots
  • Intelligent transportation and smart city
  • Distributed or connected artificial intelligence
  • Multi-agent systems
    • Virtual reality and augmented reality
    • Mobile multimedia streaming and services
    • Mobile multimedia coding and encryption
    • Interfaces for multimedia creation
    • Media fusion for communication and presentation
    • Intelligent mobile multimedia systems
    • Audio and video analysis, modeling, processing and transformation
    • Image analysis, modeling, and recognition
    • Augmented reality on mobile devices
    • Communication and cooperation through mobile multimedia
    • Enabling infrastructures for mobile multimedia
    • Scalable multimedia big data management
      • Big data analytics for mobile or vehicular networks
      • Mobile user/agent behavior and modeling
      • Mobility patterns of users, agents, and vehicles
      • Social network analysis of agents, users, and interactions
      • Socially aware/enabled mobile networks
      • Privacy preserving data analytics
      • Authentication for users, devices, and mobile computing
      • Visualization of mobile big data
      • Personalization and context awareness in mobile computing
      • Privacy and security on data and mobile users
      • Mobile peer-to-peer systems and cryptographic currency
      • Trusted or secure computing and networking
      • Mobile social media
        • Mobile software architectures, systems, and platforms
        • Resilient networks against disasters and terrorism
        • Operating system and middleware support for mobile computing
        • Mobile services and user interaction
        • Man-machine interface technologies and privacy
        • Mobile games, mobile healthcare
        • Wireless and mobile network management and service infrastructure
        • Integration and interworking of wired and wireless networks
        • Integration of cloud computing, edge computing, and mobile computing
        • Mobile commerce and traction processing in mobile environments
        • Mobile computing markets and business models
        • Prototyping, field trials, deployment, benchmarking device performance
        • Regulatory, societal, legal, intellectual property, and ethical issues of mobile services

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