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Journal of Green EngineeringJournal divested in January 2019, new journal website is:

Editor-in-Chief: Michele Albano

ISSN: 1904-4720 (Print Version)

ISSN: 2245-4586 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

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Open Access

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management ScienceJournal discontinued 2021

Editors-in-Chief: Michele Albano and Kuinam J. Kim

ISSN: 2446-1822 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Continuous Article Publication

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Journal of Communication, Navigation, Sensing and ServicesJournal merged with Journal of Mobile Multimedia from 2018

Editors-in-Chief: Ernestina Cianca and Albena Mihovska

ISSN: 2246-2120 (Print Version)

ISSN: 2246-2139 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Continuous Article Publication

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International Journal of Translational ScienceJournal discontinued 2017

Editors-in-Chief: Pranela Rameshwar and Nicholas M. Ponzio

ISSN: 2246-8765 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Continuous Article Publication

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Journal of Ambient Wireless Communications and Smart Environments Journal discontinued 2017

Editor-in-Chief: Fernando José Velez

ISSN: 2246-3410 (Print Version)

ISSN: 2246-3429 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Triannual

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Journal of Machine to Machine Communications Journal discontinued 2016

Editors-in-Chief: Johnson I. Agbinya and Shao-Yu Lien

Associate Editor: Atsushi Ito

ISSN: 2246-137X (Print Version)

ISSN: 2246-5235 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Triannual

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Open Access

Software NetworkingJournal discontinued 2021

Editor-in-Chief: Kuinam J. Kim

ISSN: 2445-9739 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Continuous Article Publication

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Open Access

Journal of Multi Business Model Innovation and TechnologyJournal merged with NB!ICT from 2019

Editor-in-Chief: Peter Lindgren

ISSN: 2245-456X (Print Version)

ISSN: 2245-8832 (Online Version)

Publication Frequency: Triannual

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Highlighted Journal

Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal

Editors-in-chief: Rajvant Nijjhar
ISSN: 2156-3306 (Print Version)
ISSN: 2156-6550 (Online Version)
Publication Frequency: Quarterly

Call for Papers

  • Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility

    • Quality Assessment of smart devices through integrating AI With Cyber Security to prevent IoT attacks More Details

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for intelligent Cybersecurity solutions More Details

    • Web Data Security: Emerging Cyber Defense Concepts and Challenges More Details

    • More Details

    • Emerging Trends in Cyber Security and Cryptography More Details

  • Journal of ICT Standardization

  • Nordic and Baltic Journal of Information and Communications Technologies

  • Journal of Mobile Multimedia

    • Neural Networks for Intelligent Multimedia Signal Processing and Analysis More Details

    • New Trends in Real-Time Image and Video Processing for Surveillance and Security Drones More Details

    • 5G and a Vision of 6G: Fundamentals, Applications and Emerging Trends More Details

    • Enabling AI Technologies Towards Multimedia Data Analytics for Smart Healthcare More Details

    • Multimedia Data and Applications on the Next Generation Communication More Details

    • Edge Computing and Hybrid Clouds More Details

    • Educational Innovation in Bridging Curriculum and Profession in Engineering Education More Details

  • Journal of Web Engineering

    • The future of the analysis of web-based documents More Details

    • Advances in Web Data Provenance for Mitigation of Web Application Security Risks More Details

    • Intelligent Edge Computing More Details

    • Future Multimedia Contents and Technology on Web in the 5G Era More Details

    • Secure Web Applications Based on Moving Target Defense: challenges, solutions and new trends More Details

    • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Architecture, Use Cases, and Challenge More Details

  • European Journal of Computational Mechanics

  • Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal

    • Advancements in Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicle technologies. More Details

    • Role of AI in Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies More Details

    • Machine Learning and Power Electronics in Energy Storage Systems More Details

    • Trends in Energy Storage and Fuel Cell Technologies More Details

    • Recent Applications of Power Electronics & Drives in Renewable Energy Systems More Details

  • Journal of Reliability and Statistical Studies

    • Reliability and Stochastic Processes More Details

    • Reliability Modeling and Optimization in Asia-Pacific Region More Details

  • Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment

    • Green Technologies for Sustainable Environment More Details

    • Sustainable Energy and Environment More Details

    • Planning and design for sustainability More Details

    • Data driven strategic decision making models for renewable and sustainable energies More Details

  • Journal of Graphic Era University

    • Latest Developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics More Details

    • Emerging Trends in System & Software Reliability Modeling More Details