2020-09-29: River Publishers acquires energy book portfolio from The Fairmont Press.

River Publishers is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fairmont Press Inc's book portfolio, in the fields of energy management, power, building systems and energy sustainability.

Taylor and Francis, through T&F, CRC Press, and Routledge Press brands, will continue to distribute the acquired titles globally, as well as future publications in this series.

The acquired portfolio from The Fairmont Press, Inc contains a substantial number of volumes concerning energy production and management. River Publishers aims to build upon this and expand into further fields within energy management, generation, distribution, engineering and sustainability, and provide a greater range of high-quality volumes, for institutional (universities, & libraries), corporate clients and individual professional markets.

This gives greater opportunity for authors to publish with River Publishers and produce timely technical volumes for those working in research and industry.

River Publishers welcomes existing authors, as well as new authors to write new works in this dynamic field.

eBook versions of the publications will also be available thus expanding the books reach to the institutional & professional industry.