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12th CONASENSE Symposium - Proceedings

e-ISBN: 9788770040020

doi: https://doi.org/10.13052/rp-9788770040020

6G is currently under definition, being often addressed from a plain telecommunications perspective, as an evolutionary paradigm that represents an extension of 5G. Having as horizon 2030, 6G initiatives are being deployed across the globe, to further ignite the development of 6G services. In its philosophy core, 6G embodies the “human in the loop” principle. The research effort being developed towards 6G requires an interdisciplinary approach that ignites discussion across different key technological sectors, ranging from communications until services and business cases.

The CONASENSE2022 provided an interdisciplinary view on latest trends in 6G communications, sensing, services and sustainability aspects based on the CONASENSE vision. CONASENSE 2022 corresponded to the 12th event organized by the CONASENSE (Communications, Navigation, Sensing, Services) community.

For this, the Symposium counted with a set of peer-reviewed papers and also with invited talks. Co-located to the symposium, there was a Hackathon.

The proceedings are organized in three parts: scientific papers; invited talks; project talks; hackathon summary.

The invited talks and project talks provide a half page abstract, bio and photo, and a hyperlink to the provided talk.
CONASENSE, 6G, wireless, sensing, sustainability.

Chapter 5: Stateless Paradigm for Resiliency in Beyond 5G Networks
by Savita Sthawarmarth, Eric Renault