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River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking 

5G Outlook- Innovations and Applications

Editor: Ramjee Prasad, CTIF, Aalborg University, Denmark

Author: Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, USA, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, New YorkInstitute of Technology, USA and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA

ISBN: 9788793379770

e-ISBN: 9788793379787

doi: https://doi.org/10.13052/rp-9788793379787

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Available: June 2016

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Book Contents:

Chapter 7
Connectivity of Ad hoc 5G Wireless Networks under Denial of Service Attacks
by Zituo Jin, Santhanakrishnan Anand, Koduvayur P. Subbalakshmi and Rajarathnam Chandramouli
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5G Outlook- Innovations and Applications