Building the Hyperconnected Society

Building the Hyperconnected Society
Internet of Things Research and Innovation Value Chains, Ecosystems and Markets

River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking

Building the Hyperconnected Society
Internet of Things Research and Innovation Value Chains, Ecosystems and Markets

Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF, Norway
Peter Friess, EU, Belgium

ISBN: 9788793237995

Available: June 2015


This book aims to provide a broad overview of various topics of Internet of Things (IoT), ranging from research, innovation and development priorities to enabling technologies, nanoelectronics, cyber-physical systems, architecture, interoperability and industrial applications. All this is happening in a global context, building towards intelligent, interconnected decision making as an essential driver for new growth and co-competition across a wider set of markets. It is intended to be a standalone book in a series that covers the Internet of Things activities of the IERC – Internet of Things European Research Cluster from research to technological innovation, validation and deployment.

The book builds on the ideas put forward by the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, and presents global views and state of the art results on the challenges facing the research, innovation, development and deployment of IoT in future years.

The concept of IoT could disrupt consumer and industrial product markets generating new revenues and serving as a growth driver for semiconductor, networking equipment, and service provider end-markets globally. This will create new application and product end-markets, change the value chain of companies that creates the IoT technology and deploy it in various end sectors, while impacting the business models of semiconductor, software, device, communication and service provider stakeholders.

The proliferation of intelligent devices at the edge of the network with the introduction of embedded software and app-driven hardware into manufactured devices, and the ability, through embedded software/hardware developments, to monetize those device functions and features by offering novel solutions, could generate completely new types of revenue streams. Intelligent and IoT devices leverage software, software licensing, entitlement management, and Internet connectivity in ways that address many of the societal challenges that we will face in the next decade.

Internet of Things, Internet of Things European Research Cluster, IERC, hyper-connected society, enabling technologies, nano-electronics, cyber-physical systems, architecture, interoperability, industrial applications, technological innovation, intelligent devices, network communications, ICT, embedded software, app-driven hardware, manufactured devices, software/hardware development, protocols and architectures, value chains.