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River Publishers Series in Multi Business Model Innovation, Technologies and Sustainable Business 

Abstracts from the 2016 Emerging Technologies Research Conference

Editor: CMOS Emerging Technologies Research, Canada

e-ISBN: 9788793379558

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Available: April 2016

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Emerging Technologies Services provides researchers and industry representatives in the high-tech sector with an opportunity to discuss new and exciting developments in all areas of high technology. Since 2006, our annual conferences provide companies and academic institutions with an international stage for showcasing their technology, innovations, products and services. Our participants come from around the world and represent every segment of high-tech, from VLSI to green energy to wireless communications to photonics. Together, we create a stimulating common ground for exploring collaborations and encouraging discussions on emerging technologies. This book presents the abstracts submitted for talks at the 2016 ETCMOS conference in Montreal, Canada, May 25-27, 2016.



Emerging Technologies, Biomedical Engineering, Circuits, Sensors and Devices, Optics and Photonics


Abstracts from the 2016 Emerging Technologies Research Conference