Proceedings of the Global Wireless Summit 2015

Proceedings of the Global Wireless Summit 2015

River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking

Proceedings of the Global Wireless Summit 2015

Ambuj Kumar,Aarhus University, Denmark
Peter Lindgren, Aarhus University, Denmark
Ramjee Prasad, CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Denmark

e-ISBN: 9788770220378

Available: December 2015

The last decade has been witnessing fastest developments in wireless communications and ICT technologies worldwide particularly new wireless based systems. The Wireless communications, besides providing the last mile access and the vital mobility, revolutionized the way we communicate. The other area of ICT to revolutionize the communication is Internet of Things (IoT). These areas have been experiencing vibrant research and technology development activities. The Global Wireless Summits (GWS) were held at two different locations earlier brought together wireless media communication/personal communication, etc.

The third in series of the Global Wireless Summit, the GWS-2015 organized with two major conferences namely 18th International Symposium on Wireless Personal Communications (WPMC) and 5thWireless VITAE, which was held in Hyderabad (India) during December 13-16, 2015. The GWS-2015 was on the theme of 'Democratizing Communications' with focus on green and secure communication, wherein government, academia, industry and standardization bodies actively participated. In GWS-2015, more than 200 thoroughly reviewed papers were presented from all over the world, categorized under five groups namely Algorithms and Channel Estimation in Wireless Communications, Antenna and Circuit Design, Opportunistic Approaches in Communication Technologies, Special Interest, Vehicular & Mobile Ad-hoc Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks.

The topics covered were Wireless Communications and Physical Layer; Internet of Things; Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications; Wireless Networks; Communications Services and Multimedia Applications; 5G; WLAN; WPAN; Radio Resource Management; and Optical Wireless; etc.
Democratizing Communications, WPMC, WVITAE, Wireless Communications, IoT, Green communications, 5 G, Wireless Networks.