Proceeding: International Symposium on 5G & Beyond for Rural Upliftment 2020

Proceeding: International Symposium on 5G & Beyond for Rural Upliftment 2020

River Publishers Series in Communications and Networking

Proceeding: International Symposium on 5G & Beyond for Rural Upliftment 2020

Prof Ramjee Prasad, Chair GISFI & President CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Denmark
Professor Dharmendra Kumar Singh, Director BIT SINDRI, Jharkhand, India

e-ISBN: 9788770222174

Available: July 2020


The International Symposium on 5G and Beyond for Rural Upliftment with 35th GSSM meeting will provide the platform for exploring and exchanging the ideas among the networked people. It imposes how the combination of 5G, artificial intelligence, smart platforms and the Internet of Things can allow for embedding artificial intelligence into 5G communication systems for the smarter use of network-generated data, the automated enabling of network operators and service providers to adapt to changes in traffic patterns, security risks and user behavior and thus paving the way towards safe and reliable next-generation wireless ecosystems that go beyond the urban area to open the doors to equality in access to knowledge and information technology into the rural regions.

Organizing chair:
Dharmendra K. Singh, Director, BIT, Sindri

Co-Organizing chair:
Kishore Kumar Thakur, Chairman IETE (Ranchi) & CGM, BSNL, Jharkhand

Chief Patron:
Ramjee Prasad, Chair GISFI & President CTIF Global Capsule, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Rajiv Shekhar, Director, IIT(ISM), Dhanbad

Organizing Secretaries:
Jitendra Kumar, HOD ECE, IIT(ISM) Dhanabd
Imteyaz Ahmad, HOD, ECE, BIT Sindri

Jaisingh Thangaraj, IIT(ISM) Dhanabd
Raghvendra K. Chaudhary, IIT(ISM) Dhanabd
Arvind Kumar, BIT Sindri

Santosh Kumar Verma, BIT Sindri

5G, Beyond 5G, Rural Connectivity, IoT, Data Privacy and Security, MIMO Technologies, DFT, DFFT, Healthcare, NOMA

Article 1: CARE YOURSELF: A Self Health Care Assistant for Elderly using Visible Light Communication
by A.Kavitha, J.N.Swaminathan, V.J.Karthik and O.Vignesh



Article 4: Analysis of NOMA: In Capacity Domain
by Saurabh Srivastava, Prajna Parimita Dash and Sanjay Kumar


Article 5: Data Privacy Technology for Society
by Aaloka Anant and Ramjee Prasad


Article 6: EEHRP: Energy Efficient Hybrid Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
by Nandkumar Kulkarni Dnyaneshwar S Mantri and Ramjee Prasad


Article 8: Mobile Charging for Off-grid Areas
by Risha Mal, Souvik Dey, Saharab Mohsin and Gyandeep Daimari


Article 9: User Privacy in Big Data Analytics for eHealth: Data Privacy Model
by Nidhi, Albena Mihovska and Ramjee Prasad


Article 12: Where India Stands with Advancing Technology
by Nidhi, Albena Mihovska and Ramjee Prasad


Article 13: Smart Irrigation System with Alert
by Abhijeet Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Singh, Anubhav Kumar Choudhary and Arvind Kumar


Article 17: Anatomization and Perception of Mental Disorder Because Usage of Online Social Network Data
by Aaradhana Arvind Deshmukh, Albena Mihovska and Ramjee Prasad


Article 18: Wi-Fi for Affordable Broadband & 5G in Rural Areas
by Kishore K Thakur and Ramjee Prasad


Article 20: Use of Digitization in Rural India
by Umesh Sah


by Chandrika Prasad and Sudhanshu S Jamuar


Article 26: Monitoring air pollution Based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Interfacing of Microcontroller with VGA display
by Shahir Uddin, Kamal Kant, Vishal Kumar and Dharmendra K. Singh,


Article 27: Smart attendance Monitoring System with Computer Vision using IOT
by Ashwin Raj, Aparna Raj and Imteyaz Ahmad


Article 28: QCA Adder-Subtractor
by Amar Prakash Sinha and S. Metia


Article 29: IoT Based Maintenance for Mine Hydraulic Excavators
by Dr. Prakash Kumar


Article 30: Classification between interictal and ictal states of epileptical patients using alpha subband
by Mustafa Sameer, Dr. Bharat Gupta and Rahul Priyadarsh


Article 31: Investigations of Differential Group Delay Behavior in 3-Core Homogeneous Strongly Coupled Multicore Optical Fiber
by Umar Farooque Sandhir Kumar Singh, Dharmendra Kumar Singh, and Rakesh Ranjan


Article 32: Possibilities of 5G and its application in rural India: A short survey
by Navaneet Kumar Singh, Nilabh Kumar, Shashank Kumar Singh, Amish Ranjan and Prashant Kumar Singh


Article 35: Role of Digital Technology in Weather and Everyday Mobility
by Ishita Sharma, Ambuj Kumar and Peter Lindgren


Article 36: Design of Dual-Band and Low-Profile SIW CavityBacked Slot Antenna for 5G Applications
by Amit Kumar, Azharuddin Khan, Amit Kumar Singh, and A.K.Singh


Article 37: Analysis of Coherent Microwave Photonic Filter for Digital Modulation Scheme
by Tanooja Mishra, Abhinav Gautam and Amitesh Kumar


Article 38: Hybrid Mode Analysis of Hybrid Dielectric Loaded Plasmonic Waveguide
by Pintu Kumar, Dharmendra K. Singh and Rakesh Ranjan


Article 39: A Method of Fault Tolerance and Mitigation in Wireless Sensor Networks
by Dr. Arun Kumar Marandi, Sweta Kumari Barnwal and Dr. S. N. Singh


Article 40: Investigations on CRLH-TL based Multiband Conformal Antennas for Curved Surfaces
by Mohammad Ameen and Raghvendra Kumar Chaudhary


Article 41: Area Coverage Optimization in WSN using Modified PSO
by Amulya Anurag, Rahul Priyadarshi, Amit Goel, Bharat Gupta


Article 42: Analysis of Optical Parameters of Hexagonal Solid Core PCF with Methanol filled inner Cladding ring
by Shahir Uddin, Tarannum Parveen, M A Hassan and Dharmendra K Singh


Article 43: Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform based OFDMfor 5G Mobile Communication
by Abhishek Kumar Singh, Vinay Kumar Trivedi, and Preetam Kumar


Article 44: Improved End to End Delay Bound analysis in Software Defined Mobile Edge Vehicular Networks
by Banoth Ravi, Anmol Gautam, Jaisingh Thangaraj and Amitesh Kumar


Article 45: Teachers as Vehicles of Productivity in Education
by Prof. Brahma Nand Mishra