River Publishers Series in Biomedical Engineering

  Series Editor:

Dinesh Kant Kumar, RMIT University, Australia
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Indexing: all books published in this series are submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI), to SCOPUS, to CrossRef and to Google Scholar for evaluation and indexing

The "River Publishers Series in Biomedical Engineering" is a series of comprehensive academic and professional books which focus on the engineering and mathematics in medicine and biology. The series presents innovative experimental science and technological development in the biomedical field as well as clinical application of new developments.

Books published in the series include research monographs, edited volumes, handbooks and textbooks. The books provide professionals, researchers, educators, and advanced students in the field with an invaluable insight into the latest research and developments.

Topics covered in the series include, but are by no means restricted to the following:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biomedical physics and applied biophysics
  • Bio-informatics
  • Bio-metrics
  • Bio-signals
  • Medical Imaging

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