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Document Engineering

Series Editor:

Steven Simske, Colorado State University, USA
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Document engineering is an interdisciplinary set of processes and systems concerned with the analysis, design, development, evaluation, implementation, management, and/or use of documents and document corpora in order to improve their value to their users. In the era of the Internet, the millennia-old concept of a document is rapidly evolving due to the ease of document aggregation, editing, re-purposing, and reuse. In this series of books, we aim to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the tools, technologies, and talents required to engineer modern documents.

Individual documents include web pages and the traditional print-based or print-inspired pages found in books, magazines, and pamphlets. Document corpora include sets of these documents, in addition to novel combinations and re-combinations of document elements such as mash-ups, linked sets of documents, summarizations, and search results. In our first set of books on document engineering, we will cover document structure, formatting, and layout; document structure; summarization; and classification. This set will provide the reader with the basis from which to go forward to more advanced applications of documents and corpora in subsequent years of the series.

The books are intended to cover a wide gamut of document engineering practices and principles, and as such will be suitable for senior undergraduate students when using the first 2/3 of each book (core topics), and be extensible to graduate students, researchers and professionals when the latter 1/3 of each book is also considered (advanced topics). Students and graduates of data analytics, information science, library science, data mining, and knowledge discovery will benefit from the book series.