Intelligence in Chips

Prof Alex James, Dean Academic, Digital University Kerala

Editorial Board:
Cory Merkel, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Bhaskar Choubey, Siegen University, Germany
Ronald Tetzlaff, Technical University Dresden, Germany (TC Member, CNN-MAC, IEEE CASS)
Vishal Sexena, University of Delaware, USA
Alon Ascoli, Technical University Dresden, Germany  (TC Member, CNN-MAC, IEEE CASS)
Sreelal S, ISRO, India (IEEE CASS Kerala Chapter)

The primary goal of the River Rapids Series on Intelligence in Chips is to provide a comprehensive collection of instructive books that dive into the varied world of memristors, emerging devices, circuits, systems and investigate their applications in numerous cutting-edge sectors. Memristors and similar memories have gotten a lot of interest because of their unique qualities, which include non-volatility, low power consumption, and the capacity to simulate synapses in neural networks, among other things. The lessons are intended to provide in-depth insights on memristors and their applications in a variety of cutting-edge sectors of computing and engineering.
Topics covered in the series include but are not limited to:

  • Memristor Fundamentals
  • Neural Networks
  • Cellular Neural Networks
  • Memristor Array Computing
  • Quantum AI Computing
  • Efficient Reconfigurable Computing
  • Bioinspired Circuits and Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Insights
  • Practical Implementations
  • Emerging Trends