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Indexing: all books published in this series are submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI), to SCOPUS, to CrossRef and to Google Scholar for evaluation and indexing. All River Publishers books in the area are available on the IEEE Explore platform.

Mathematical, Statistical and Computational Modelling for Engineering

Series Editors:

Harish Garg, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

Mangey Ram, Graphic Era University, India
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Applied mathematical techniques along with statistical and computational data analysis has become vital skills across the physical sciences. The purpose of this book series is to present novel applications of numerical and computational modelling and data analysis across the applied sciences. We encourage applied mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists and computing engineers working in a comprehensive range of research fields to showcase different techniques and skills, such as differential equations, finite element method, algorithms, discrete mathematics, numerical simulation, machine learning, probability and statistics, fuzzy theory, etc.

Books published in the series include professional research monographs, edited volumes, conference proceedings, handbooks and textbooks, which provide new insights for researchers, specialists in industry, and graduate students.
Topics included in this series are as follows:-

  • Discrete mathematics and computation
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerance
  • Finite element method (FEM) modeling/simulation
  • Fuzzy and possibility theory
  • Fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems for relevant engineering applications
  • Game Theory
  • Mathematical concepts and applications
  • Modelling in engineering applications
  • Numerical simulations
  • Optimization and algorithms
  • Queueing systems
  • Resilience
  • Stochastic modelling and statistical inference
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Theoretical and applied mechanics