River Rapids
A shorter, faster publishing route from River Publishers

River Rapids are concise books between 50-120 pages on topics across the Applied Sciences. Rapids are innovative resources for academic and professional communities and are authored by prominent contributors. They provide authoritative content for researchers, professors, students, and practicing engineers.
Rapids are highly focused on active, cutting-edge research topics that don't appear in traditional monographs, while also providing more depth and analysis than typical journal articles. They are the ideal entry point to new areas while being more modular and accessible than typical print or digital handbooks and edited volumes.
Rapids Series include:

  • Computer Science (General)
  • Electronic Materials, Circuits, and Devices
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Add more?

Rapids are the following types of books:

  • Extended Case Studies
  • Introductions to Novel Analytical or Modelling Techniques
  • Concise Overviews of Fundamentals
  • Snapshot Reviews of Hot Topics
  • Extended Review Papers
  • Concise Sets of Lecture Notes

The eBooks will be available through IEEE Xplore and IEEE Discovery Point, Knovel, and Taylor & Francis platforms, giving them both wide visibility and discoverability. Rapids will also be available as paperbacks via the usual online retailers on a print-on-demand basis.


Both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts and proposals are considered for publication. Projects and proposals will be submitted to our usual editorial review process. A MS Word or LaTeX style file will be made available to authors. Manuscripts should be 50 to 120 pages long.

To submit a River Rapids proposal, please email: RiverRapids(at)riverpublishers.com

Please be sure to include Author(s) Names and Backgrounds, Topic, a short Description (under 250 words), and a Table of Content/Outline.