Energy Newsletter - August 2021
Welcome to another Energy Newsletter from River Publishers. This time we have more updates on our upcoming publications and further expert interviews.
New titles available soon:

Boiler Operator's Handbook, Third Edition

Author: Carl Bozzuto

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers, Third Edition

Authors: S. Bobby Rauf

Overcurrent Protection-NEC Article 240 and Beyond

Author: Gregory P. Bierals

Grounding Electrical Distribution Systems

Author: Gregory P. Bierals
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Recently, River Publishers introduced our newest series editor in Energy Engineering and Systems, Bobby Rauf, Semtrain, LLC, and Cybersecurity Magazine discussed the security challenges of the integration of OT and IT systems.

All our videos, including expert interviews with our editors and authors, can be found on the River Publishers YouTube channel.

Bobby Rauf- new series editor in Energy Engineering and Systems

In this video, Philippa Jefferies and Bobby Rauf discuss his work, renewable energy, the importance of energy storage, and the forthcoming new edition of his book 'Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers'.

Cybersecurity Magazine spoke to Tom Madsen, new member of the CSM editorial board, about the distinction between OT and IT systems, how they are becoming more integrated together, and the security challenges this can bring. You can also listen to the podcast through the CSM Spotify. .

We also have a number of upcoming titles to look out for:

Energy Journals:

Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal

Rajvant Nijjhar, P. Sanjeevikumar.

This is a quarterly publication that provides detailed information on the latest developments in fields such as: Distribution and generation, Demand side response and management Smart local energy systems (including smart cities), Renewables and other cleantech developments.

Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment

Medani P. Bhandari

This journal features publications of high quality and multi-faceted articles encompassing planning and policies and research and development in the field of energy and environment for global sustainability and harmony.
We hope to continue to bring out many new books, articles, and interviews in these dynamic fields in Energy over the next year. Please do keep up to date with our activities and latest publications and videos.

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