Energy Newsletter – August 2022

In our energy newsletter this month, Alden Hathaway argues the importance of putting HVAC ductwork in properly insulated spaces and the impact this has on energy independence. We also give updates on our new titles and links to our latest interviews.


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Formula 1 Delivering Net Carbon Neutrality by 2030 - the journey...

The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) Energy Europe Conference & Exhibition 2022 is taking place in RDS Dublin, Ireland on the 26th & 27th October. This unique event will bring together Energy Engineers and Facility Managers from across Europe – who will have the opportunity to listen and engage with presentations from Global industry leaders and peers – discussing Energy Policy, Trends and European Innovations.

Our Keynote speaker, Mark Gallagher, has spent his career working in the global sports business of Formula 1 motor racing. This includes 15 years spent on the management boards of two well-known teams, Jordan Grand Prix and Red Bull Racing, and later as Managing Director of the Cosworth Formula 1 engine company.

During Mark's Keynote, he will share with our audience how Formula 1 will achieve a net carbon neutral target by 2030. Our audience will learn how Formula 1 is working with logistical operators, aircraft engine manufacturers, biofuel organisations and mainstream fuel companies to ensure the sport and its 20 participating Teams innovate and drive for a sustainable future.

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River Publishers – Expert Opinion:

The Importance of HVAC Insulation for Energy Independence

By: Alden M Hathaway

The common practice of placing the HVAC ductwork in the unconditioned space of the attic is a huge and costly mistake for Energy Independence. When one turns on the A/C it must then spend an hour cooling down the super-heated duct before being able to cool the rest of the house.

On our current house in Georgia, we had the entire roof foamed everywhere down to the walls providing a solid 12" foam cap over the house. This means our entire cooling system is operating at the same temperature as the rest of the interior. We have found that the house holds its temperature much better than our Virginia solar house where we added cellulose insulation in that attic after failing to achieve net zero two years in a row. So even now as I write this at 5 PM, the temperature near 100 F outside, the house is still less than 80 F inside before we start cooling for the evening.

What does it cost to insulate the attic? Well, it cost us $2,000 in 2003. However, for a lot less, install a fan vent in the peak of the gable that runs off a small solar panel. This will exhaust the super-heated air and help keep the attic temperature, and, hence, duct work, closer to the ambient outside 95+ F. That's at least half the temperature closer to the inside desired temp. They can be purchased for $200 and will save an additional 20% or so on the A/C bill, most likely paying for itself in one cooling season.

Alden and Tripp Hathaway’s new book Energy Independence: The Individual Pursuit of Energy Freedom is available now! The book presents a plan where the average homeowner can not only achieve Energy Freedom for their household, but usher in the new energy economy. The authors provide a step-by-step recipe for setting up an energy savings reinvestment fund, using low cost and fast energy saving technology returns first to build a fund that eventually moves the homeowner all the way from LED lamps to solar power systems, all with an attractive return on the investment.


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RP Book Discussion – Energy Independence, Alden M Hathaway and Tripp Hathaway

Philippa Jefferies talks to Alden Hathaway and Tripp Hathaway about their forthcoming book ‘Energy Independence: The Individual Pursuit of Energy Freedom’, which presents a plan where the average homeowner can not only achieve energy independence for their household, but usher in the new energy economy.


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Vijay K. Sood

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Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment

Medani P. Bhandari

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