River Publishers Series in Standardisation

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  Series Editors:

Anand R. Prasad, NEC, Japan
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Abhay Karandikar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India
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The "River Publishers Series in Standardisation" is a comprehensive series addressing the pre-development related standards issues and standardized technologies already deployed. The focus of this series is also to examine the application domains of standardised technologies. This series will present works of fora and standardization bodies like IETF, 3GPP, IEEE, ARIB, TTA, CCSA, WiMAX, Bluetooth, ZigBee etc.

Other than standards, this book series also presents technologies and concepts that have prevailed as de-facto.

Scope of this series also addresses prevailing applications which lead to regulatory and policy issues. This may also lead towards harmonization and standardization of activities across industries.

To submit a book proposal, or for general information, please contact one of the Series Editors or:

Rajeev Prasad

Mark de Jongh

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